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Getting to Know the Flower Donkey Diaries

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Welcome to the The Flower Donkey Diaries (the FDD for short!).

I am seriously so excited you are here!

My name is Katie Roseborough, author and creator of the FDD. I am a full-time mom of three kids, a wife to one totally awesome guy and a part-time Physical Therapist. Here are a few pictures of my crew!


We live in Jacksonville, Florida. A few of my most favorite things include cooking, exercising, laughing, making people laugh, going on adventures with my family, spending time with friends, being outdoors, eating all sorts of foods, volunteering at my church, curling up with a good book and writing.

I have always loved writing. It is both a creative and stress relieving outlet in my life and, for YEARS I had this little voice inside of me saying, “For goodness sake… just start a blog already!”

So, in May of 2018, I did!

What is the Flower Donkey Diaries?

The FDD is a quirky little blog filled with a variety of both heartfelt and hilarious topics written to inspire you and make you laugh. Its primary focus is on family, faith, food, fitness, fun and all things funny.

Here at the FDD, I strive to find and write about the joy and the funniness of living life and raising kids. Even in the busy humdrum of our daily routines, there really is so much humor and happiness to be had. It’s there, I promise. Sometimes, you just have to read between the lines to find it.

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I absolutely love writing this blog and, similarly, I hope you enjoy reading it! If you do, I would DO A JIG WITH A PIG if you would click on the following links to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and/or Facebook!

Thank you so much and happy reading everyone!

Want to contact the FDD? Send an email to theflowerdonkeydiaries@gmail.com

Getting to know the Flower Donkey Diaries




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