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Who in their right mind would name their blog the Flower Donkey Diaries?

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Me! I would! I am that person who would name her blog the Flower Donkey Diaries!

Why, you may wonder?

Good question.

It all started with a bottle of tequila, an over-sized sombrero and….

No, just kidding.

Here’s the backstory:

No one…and I mean NO ONE can read or say my last name correctly. It is Roseborough. My name is Katie Roseborough. You pronounce it the FLOWER and Burro… like the DONKEY.

Get it… Flower Donkey? Fun, right?

For whatever reason, however, people often read and say one of the following:

  • Rosen-berg
  • Rosen-ber-go
  • Rose-berg
  • Roethlisberger

Clearly, people either think I am Jewish or an NFL quarterback.

Who in their right mind would name their blog the Flower Donkey Diaries??

Also, some time back, my brother-in-law mentioned in some offbeat comment that, if he was ever the lead singer in a band (never gonna happen), he would name it the Flower Donkeys due to the confusing nature of our last name. Naturally, I loved that.

In my younger days before I married the most awesome man in the world, my maiden name was Killey. I was Katie Killey. Is that not the cutest, most Irish name you have ever heard?!

But then I said “I do” and traded my chipper, alliterated name for the confusing and oh-so-long name of Roseborough.

Ever tried to teach a 4 year-old how to spell out R-O-S-E-B-O-R-O-U-G-H? It’s not easy.

Have no fear, family… I love you to death and wouldn’t trade you in for the world but… eesh… the name.

Only after I finally committed to starting a blog (something I had wanted to do for years) and decided to name it the Flower Donkey Diaries, did it dawn on me that the words flower and a donkey are also good metaphors for life in general.

Hence, my tagline:

Because sometimes life’s a beautiful bunch of flowers and sometimes it’s a complete pain in the… donkey.

Who would name their blog the Flower Donkey Diaries? Funny blog names, naming your blog

Last, I like odd and quirky things and I feel like a blog with an odd and quirky name is way more fun than, say, naming it The Mama Bear Blog or something like that.

Actually, that name’s pretty cute. Crap!

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